The results published on this web site and more specifically in this RESULTS section are provided on an unofficial basis linked to an “asap” time frame.

The official results (and copies of the official results) are made available by the Secretary of the Meeting at the event and at the time that they are published and signed off by the relevant official at the physical location where the event is taking place.

Prevailing circumstances, location, availability of resources and internet access are some of the factors to be taken into consideration and which affect the result publication time frames on this web site.

By browsing this web site and any of the results published on it you accept unconditionally that these results are provided on an ad hoc and unofficial basis and that the only official result is the document signed off by the relevant Clerk of Course or his designated representative at the event or as provided by the sanctioning body of the event.

Pro Timing does not in any way undertake to provide publication of results on a set time frame basis or to substitute in any way the functions of the Secretary of the Meeting or the Clerk of Course or any other relevant official/s of the meeting – or to provide a substitute for the official results as provided at the event which should be interpreted as the sole source of results during an event.

Official post event results should be sourced from the event promoter and/or the official sanctioning body of the event.